Location: Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada

Pharmacist Regina

We are a hiring a Licensed Pharmacist to work on our team of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.

Who We Are: We are a smaller center that offers many amenities and a wide range of personal and business services. Based in Saskatchewan, we are part of an organization that encourages, promotes, and provides continual learning and mentoring opportunities.


Ensuring the accurate dispensing, compounding and labeling of pharmaceuticals.

Using up-to-date technology, the Pharmacist enters orders and maintains inventory control. As a full-service pharmacy, you will also have the opportunity to assist clients with other medical products.

Consulting and offering professional advice and building ongoing relationships, the Pharmacist works with clients, their caregivers and other health care providers to deliver quality care.

Preparing and communicating informational material for proper pharmaceutical use will enhance the client experience.

As part of the pharmacy’s team, the Pharmacist will coach and provide leadership to the Pharmacy Technicians, ensuring all policies/practices, laws and regulations are followed.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits.

If you are dedicated to helping others with their pharmaceutical needs and want to provide leadership to others in the field, this opportunity is for you!

Company Name NethireInc, Province Saskatchewan, Location Regina

Posted: 14-09-2015
Salary: Negotiable
How to apply?

Email resumes@nethireinc.com

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